AI Co-Pilot for Private Equity Investment Funds

Unlock immediate access to downloadable financial statements, one-pagers, and charts.

Designed exclusively for Private Equity experts, Quido ensures top-tier functionality and unmatched precision.

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From hours to seconds

The same tasks that were requiring you hours manually, are now ready-to-print in seconds.

Quido is crafted exclusively for Private Equity professionals and offers unparalleled functionality and precision.

Download financial statements

Quido enables you to access and download detailed financial statements without any hassle. Experience frictionless data acquisition tailored on PE.

Focus on analysis, not data retrieval

In a meeting and in need of a quick Info?

Triplicate your fund's workforce

From hours to seconds

Up to 3 times the efficiency in data retrieval and investment analysis

Maximize your efficiency with Quido

Quido delivers ready-to-print elements, from downloadable charts to comprehensive one-pagers.

Benchmarking & industry analysis

Understand how your target company performs within their industry and conduct sector-specific searches.

Full support for your success

Benefit from Quido's customer care, from simple inquiries to analyst masterclasses.

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